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Daggers For Sale Caldwell Nampa

Daggers are basically short swords for stabbing or self defense, while knives are for cutting. Characterized with a fixed blade, a dagger is double-edged and sharpened all the way to the handle.

Modern daggers have shorter blades and a "T" handle design held in a closed fist. Ideal in close combat, some are referred to as punch knives.

Because a dagger is more balanced than a knife, they can be thrown.

Medieval Blades

Evolving from weapons to fashion to Romeo & Juliet and their famous bollock dagger of Italy, you will find a favorite medieval dagger for sale on our shelves.

Many knife collectors want to purchase weapons used by Nazi luftwaffe, knights, or Game of Throwns to Lord of the Rings including:

  • Scottish Dirk
  • Katar dagger
  • Quillon style
  • Stiletto

Today you can find daggers adorned with dragons, claws, skulls or other fantasy designs.

Check the fit, feel the balance and get the perfect dagger at our store in Caldwell.

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German Heer Dagger

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