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Bowie Hunting Knives For Sale Caldwell Nampa

Bowie knives are designed to provide assistance in hunting and fighting situations, enabling users to survive difficult conditions. Big, bold, and built for adventure.

Choose a hunting knife blade 5-6” long with a curved point to make skinning and slicing easier. Military versions may have hand guards.

Outdoor Survival Knife

Survival knives are strong, reliable and also suitable for hunting. Buy a fixed blade with a full tang for durability. And a fire starter is necessary to survive a cold night.

  • Thick blade to chop like an axe
  • Serrated back to cut like a saw
  • Optional mini survival kit

Check the fit, feel the balance and get the perfect knife at our store in Caldwell.

Bowie hunt knives outdoor survival
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Karambit knife stainless black handle


Karambit Knives are the best self defense knife made, but will become your favorite EDC knife. A fixed blade Karambit loves the outdoors.

Designed with a curved blade and a finger hole so you don't drop it. Ideal for close combat situations, the knife originated from Indonesian martial arts. Karambit blades are available in folding, automatics, fixed blades and neck knives.

Choose from our wide variety of hunting knives for your outdoor, camping, or active lifestyle.

Hunt skinner knife with guthook


After the big game hunt, a shorter ultra sharp Skinner is ideal for field dressing. The skinning knife has a wide curved blade usually fixed to the handle.

In order to cut under the hide of the animal, the blade is thin. Skinner knives may also come with a gut hook as pictured above for fish.

You may also be interested in a ceramic bait knife

Jim Bowie blade, hunting knife, meat, tool,The Bowie knife was designed to be a large knife for fighting. While the survival knife was designed to be an all purpose survival tools for sale.

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Ka-Bar USMC, SRK, Cold Steel, Gerber, Buck, Tops, Mora, Timber Wolf, bone handle, Damascus steel hunting.

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