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Boise Self Defense Weapons For Sale Caldwell Nampa Brass Knuckles Stun Gun Pepper Spray

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Self Defense Weapons For Sale Caldwell Nampa

Be safe, not sorry when you enounter an assailant! It's easy to conceal a discreet weapon to protect you and your loved ones from danger.

An ink pen can instantly become a kubotan or a tactical pen. Or a lipstick case can be hiding a knife, ready to stop an attacker.

Some of the most popular self defense weapons for sale are:

Brass Knuckles & SAP Gloves

Heavy Brass Knuckles will add power to your punch! 100% brass knuckles are heavy enough to drop an assailant, and available in different sizes to fit your hands, plus you can choose brass knuckels with spikes or a knife.

SAP Gloves are also a good choice for self-defense situations and hand combat. Known as a weighted knuckle glove, the better quality gloves contain steel shots and are made of leather.

Check the fit, feel the balance and get the perfect weapon at our store in Caldwell.

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Pepper Spray

Stopping an attacker before they even touch you is one of the main reasons pepper spray is the most popular non-lethal self defense product sold.

Sprayed on to the face or chest, the irritant immediately stops the rapist. Carried discretely in a spray canister, air pistol, or keychain, it is the best defense item for women or men.

Stun gun taser female

Stun Guns For Women

A stun gun is another option for personal defense. Compared to pepper spray, you need to directly shock the predator. However, under duress, mace may spray in your face.

A stun gun will incapacitate an attacker for several minutes so you can escape. Powerful high voltage or mini stun guns are available.

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You need to be able to effectively defend yourself against an assailant if the need arises! An attack could happen anytime, anywhere or for any reason. Make sure that you are always prepared by choosing one or two of our Self-Defense tools!

When you hold one of our powerful Stun Guns in your hand, you have the peace of mind to know that you can knock an attacker flat on his back. Our selection of Pepper Spray comes in many shapes and sizes with extra features like UV marking dye, locking tops and quick release keyrings.

They make perfect thoughtful gifts, for any occasion, for the special women in your life.’s inventory of Self Defense products also includes concealed weapons, tactical pens and kubatons, handcuffs, batons and brass knuckles.

What kinds of self-defense weapons are available to me? The most common types of self-defense products you can get are concealed weapons, stun guns, batons, and pepper spray.

What are discreet self-defense weapons? These personal defense items are small enough to be hidden on your person, integrated into an item that is part of your clothing, or in the guise of an everyday-use item. Some examples include boot knives, belt buckle knives, sword canes, tactical pens, and comb knives.

Is pepper spray good for self-defense?

What is a tactical pen? A tactical pen, sometimes called a kubaton, is the size and shape of a standard ink pen and can be used as a jabbing weapon against an assailant. Most of the models actually work as an ink pen and some have an integrated glass breaker or DNA collector. There are also models that actually have a hidden blade.

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