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Boise Swords For Sale Samurai, Medieval Viking, Civil War Sabers Caldwell Nampa Cane Anime

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Swords For Sale Caldwell Nampa

Whether you want to fight Ninjas, slay dragons, or hang it on your wall, you will find over 100 real swords to choose from in the store.

Japanese Samurai Swords

Hand forged from legendary swordsmiths, the swords of Japan are some of the most coveted in the world. Authentic samurai swords for sale, stop in and hold a battle ready Katana or Gunto in your hand!

Bokken training swords and Katana replicas also available.

Check the fit, feel the balance and get the perfect sword at our store in Caldwell.

Boise Samurai Swords for sale Viking Urumi Cane Civil War
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bastard longsword Viking medieval swords for sale

Functional Medieval Swords

Live out your fantasy, become a knight and hold the Excalibur in your hands! Or maybe you wish to pillage and plunder with a Viking broadsword.

Choose from our authentic weapons of Middle Ages for cosplay, stage, or Medieval chivalry.

Demon Slayer anime, Zoro, Cutlass, Dao or Scotish claymores available.

Cavalry Sabers Union Confederate swords

Civil War Sabers

From Civil War swords of the Union or Confederate, we sell sabre replicas to add to your collection.

Authentic pieces can have ivory grips or gold embellishments, like a Model 1860. Swords were used by naval officers, army cavalry or rebel raiders.

Beware of cheap Chinese swords, buy a real sword, quality made from Blade Runner in Idaho.   

Welcome to our swords store! Hardly any weapon fascinates like the sword! Its tradition reaches back to the ancient world and countless blades and sword designs have been developed over the centuries. Our swords are Damascus steel and of best quality.

Our focus is clearly on the swords of the middle ages. No matter if medieval long sword or short sword, here everybody will find what he or she is looking for. We have the medieval one-handed sword as well as the broadsword of the Vikings in our program. Every single sword has a handmade blade of high-quality, hardened steel and is a result of high forging art: especially light, extremely hard and at the same time extremely flexible - no comparison to unwieldy, soulless swords. Here in the sword store you can buy a wide range of swords at a reasonable price.

Just choose the right sword and order quickly and easily. The choice of the right sword You should first decide if the sword is needed for show fight, for training or as decoration or replica if you want to buy a sword.

As a decoration sword it is of course mostly unsharp. Most of our movie swords are pure decoration weapons and not intended for training. But as a decoration a sword on the wall or on the showcase makes a lot of impression. For show fight a sword is also unsharp, but has a rounded tip.

We offer a large selection of fantastic and historical swords and also show-fighting swords from the medieval sword, to the Viking sword or antique sword, like the Gladius. Classic one-handed or short swords can be found here as well as long swords, bastard swords and two-handed swords.

You can also buy a falchion or malchus from us. In our saber store you can buy a wide range of sabers for a reasonable price. We are also happy to give advice on our swords by phone.

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